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Written  by: Jennifer McGregor

If you are reading this, chances are you are already doing one of the best things you can do for your health: exercise. Running is a particularly great form of exercise, providing huge physical and mental benefits, from improved cholesterol to the natural stress-buster that is the runner’s high.

But just because you’re doing well doesn’t mean you can’t do better. There are many small ways you can improve your everyday health, and most of them are just as easy as going for a run.


Swap Out Processed Foods

Eating well can be hard, but a few healthy swaps can make a huge difference. Instead of thinking about calories or fat content, try simply reducing the amount of processed foods in your diet. Swap sliced white bread for sourdough, flavored nuts for plain ones, and frozen convenience meals for easy, one-pot recipes.

Remember, though, that not all processed foodsare bad – items like pulses, frozen vegetables, and canned fish all offer the convenience of processed foods with virtually the same nutritional benefits of the fresh stuff. A good rule of thumb is to only buy foods whose ingredient list is made up of words you recognize.


Make Sleep A Priority

According to research from the National Sleep Foundation, only 10 percent of Americans consider sleep a health priority. This needs to change. The quality of our sleep influences just about every aspect of our physical and mental health, and getting the rest our bodies need should absolutely be a top priority.

Set yourself a sleep schedule which allows for seven to eight hours of sleep every night, and stick to it. If you struggle to fall asleep, create a soothing sleep routine to wind yourself down before bed.


Get Rid Of Clutter

Decluttering has become somewhat of a trend, and there are good reasons for that. Clutter at home can make us feel stressed without even realizing it, while a tidy home will always be more comfortable and relaxing. Plus, if you incorporate one of the many popular methodsof organization, this is a whole-home task you can complete in a few weekends.

It helps to complement your declutter with a nice deep clean to get a true healthy home vibe. If that sounds like a nightmare to you, consider hiring someone to do it for you, whether it’s a one-time deal or a way to free up your time. Most people spend around $122 – $242on a cleaning service.


Try CBD Oil

You may have heard of the miracle cure that is CBD oil. People using this oil – which is extracted from cannabis, but does not get you high – report everything improved sleep to relief from nausea, headaches, and anxiety. It could even enhance athletic performanceby reducing muscle pains and inflammation.

If you’re not sure where to start, Remedy Review has a super useful buyer’s guidewith everything you need to know.



The list of scientifically-proven benefitsof meditation continues to grow longer, just as more and more people continue to swear by it. Mindfulness meditation is extremely easy to incorporate into anyone’s lifestyle. All you need to do is set aside a few minutes every day and remain consistent. Don’t worry if you can’t “do it” right away – meditation is just like any other skill, and you will improve with regular practice. If you want some guidance, check out some of the many excellent appsout there like Headspace, Calm, or Insight Timer.

The great thing about healthy habits(aside from the obvious health benefits) is that they feed into each other. The more you focus on improving your sleep, the better your workouts will be. The better you eat, the easier it will be for you to sleep. The more relaxed you can feel in your home, the more likely you are to make healthy eating choices, and so on. By selecting simple habits that can be easily built into your everyday life, you are creating a solid support system for your health and well-being, as well as creating a reliable self-care routine.