If you are looking for an inspiring and motivating runner to follow, look no further than our ambassadors. These race ambassadors will keep you up to date on everything about the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5K and how to stay active, healthy and happy in your everyday life.

2018 Ambassadors Wanted

We are currently looking for ambassadors for the 2018 Publix Savannah Women’s Half & 5K. If you are interested, please fill out our questionnaire below and return before the August 11 deadline to be considered.

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Jonathan Sykes
Event Manager, Savannah Sports Council


Deadline: August 11, 2017
Desired Markets: Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Orlando, Savannah, Tampa Bay, Charleston


2017 Ambassadors


Cecilia On The Run

Cecilia  |  Savannah, GA

Cecilia’s favorite quote is by Julie Isphording, “Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way.  Run often and run long, but never outrun your joy of running.” Cecilia doesn’t technically run for a living, but she DOES “run for a living”.  She is a wife, mom, actress/singer, a Marketing Manager for a local civil engineering firm in Savannah and is the girl behind Cecilia On The Run.  At 36 years old, life is good and she credits running in continually shaping its path for the better. Running has given her the confidence and will to see that things are in the realm of possibility and that there’s always room for improvement.  It’s also taught her to celebrate the small wins and the incredible friendships made along the journey.  Cecilia truly believes that running provides clarity, calm, and balance needed to counteract the daily stressors of life.  In addition, it brings her joy and optimism that radiates into all that she belongs to – family, work, acting/singing performances, and even her outlook on life. Cecilia always looks forward to training for her next race, learning new strategies, meeting new friends, and creating new memories with each race!  Cecilia is an RRCA certified distance running coach for Fleet Feet Savannah and belongs to local run clubs, including Fleet Feet’s CREW, Savannah Striders, Moms Run This Town, and Team in Training.  

brandiFunner Runner

Brandi  |  Cartersville, GA

Brandi is a 30-something runner behind Funner Runner that can be found pounding the pavement outside of Atlanta, GA.  While running is her biggest passion, she also enjoys spending time cross training with yoga several days a week.  She started running a few years ago as a result of a family goal to participate in a local 5K together and she was quickly bit by the running bug.  She am a middle of the pack runner, but absolutely loves getting stronger and faster over time.  Once Brandi found out that running and being active can indeed be fun, it became a huge part of her life very quickly.

Brandi loves showing others around her that running and being active can be fun, so find your passion and get moving! Running has taken her to some pretty amazing places, given her some awesome opportunities, and brought her some of the greatest people in my life over the past few years.  She is looking forward to an amazing girls weekend in Savannah this Spring and enjoying all the sights, foods, and of course fun-filled miles with her friends.

annaBeauty and the Beets

Anna-Marie  |  Orlando, FL

Anna-Marie is the Head Beet at Beauty and the Beets. (The ‘Beauty’ title was claimed by her cat Zoey.) She ran her first 5K in 2009 and has become a 5K junkie. At the time she said she would never run a half marathon as she had zero interest in running that far. The 2016 Publix Savannah Womens Half will be her ninth half marathon. “I use the term ‘running’ loosely as I walk quite a lot. My goal is to finish the race whether I run, walk or crawl to the end. The common misconception is that to do a half marathon you have to be able to run it and that is simply not the case. There are always plenty of walkers.” As a former Delta Flight Attendant, Anna-Marie loves to travel, finding races to participate in across the country and unique restaurants to visit. When she is not traveling or running, she enjoys Vegetarian cooking, writing and exploring the non-theme park sites in her adopted hometown of Orlando, FL.

meghanMeghan on the Move

Meghan  |  Orlando, FL

Meghan is a Florida native and the runner behind Meghan On The Move. She has been running for over 5 years now and considers herself to be a “regular person” who happens to run. She ran her first half marathon in 2011 thinking it would be a one and done situation, but the 2017 Publix Savannah Womens Half will be her 18th half! She truly believes that ANYONE can become a runner and loves sharing that philosophy with others. She also enjoys travel, reading, DIY crafts, and sharing the Local Love in her city. On her blog she shares her adventures as she is eating, crafting, traveling, and running her way through life.

AmyAlbersPublixHalfMom’s Magical Miles

Amy  |  Atlanta, GA

Amy is the Atlanta wife and mom behind Mom’s Magical Miles! With three boys ages 7, 12 and 13 an active lifestyle is unavoidable!  She started running as a therapeutic way to face turning 40 and to land a trip to Walt Disney World.  Five years later she has completed a total of 15 half marathons and one full marathon. She describes herself as a “front-of-the-middle-of-the-pack” runner and strives to find that fine line between “goal getter” and “good enough”.  Amy is a preschool teacher and an elementary school volunteer junkie.  Her blog focuses on running, parenting and family fun.  When she can mix those three together, life is epic.  Savannah is one of her favorite places in the south and she considers herself so lucky to be within a short drive!

JenniferleonardtallRuns With Pugs

Jennifer  |  St. Augustine, FL

Jennifer is the runner and writer behind the blog at Runs With Pugs. Born and raised in New Jersey, this 30-something wife and mom found her way to Florida via the University of Miami in 2004 and never left the Sunshine State. She began running in 2013, when she agreed to join her husband in his Couch to 5K efforts, and was surprised to discover she had fallen in love with the sport, the community and the road race life. From her first 5K almost three years ago, she has crossed the finish lines of about 40 races, including five half marathons and one full marathon, and has plans to complete many more. Jenn enjoys documenting her training and race journey through her writing and photography, and especially loves to incorporate “racecations” into her schedule. She is always happy to encourage others to take the plunge into the running world, leading small weekly runs with friends and offering high-fives and support along the way. Jenn currently works in the run specialty industry and makes her home in St. Augustine with her husband, their son and a grumble of pugs (who will only run for bacon).

AndreaOn the Road

Andrea  |  Savannah, GA

Andrea Goto went on her first run in 1995 wearing nylon shorts, knee-high socks and an oversized cotton T-shirt. She made it one mile. And though she vowed at the time she’d never wear “shorty shorts” or $12 “no show” socks, Andrea has transformed into a runner—a GPS-addicted, gel-sucking, compression-sleeve wearing runner—who races anything from the mile to marathon in her adopted town of Savannah, Georgia. She belongs to the Savannah Striders Track Club and has her sights set on a Boston qualifying time … when the stars align. She is married and has a 9-year-old daughter who would rather clean toilets than run. Andrea teaches writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design and is a frequent contributor to Savannah magazine. Her blog, On the Road, recounts the “strange, inspiring and enlightening encounters while running through life.” You can laugh, cry and chafe along with her at her blog and follow her on Facebook at facebook.com/gotoontheroad.

amy-laurenThe Tiny Terror

Amy Lauren Scott  |  Charleston, SC

Amy Lauren is running, writing, and enjoying married life in Charleston, SC, while blogging at TheTinyTerror.com. Growing up, Amy Lauren was a self-described unathletic, clumsy kid who was always picked last in gym class. After college, she got a job as a technical writer at a computer software company that sponsored a local 5K. That 5K led to her first half marathon in 2011, where she fell in love with the distance.

Through six years of hard work and consistent training, Amy Lauren has taken over 30 minutes off her half marathon time but hopes to never forget the joy of her first 5K. Her personal training motto is to run fast, take chances, and dream big- which she hopes to do as she trains for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon.